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Q: How to use Vuslo?

A: In order to use Vuslo’s full service, you must first create the ID. If you do not make the ID then you can only see it without being able to participate in Vuslo (asking, answering, or provide support).


Q: How to make an ID?


  1. To make an ID, you can simply hit LOGIN --> SIGN UP button at top right of the page, and you just need to specify your NICK, PASSWORD, and E-MAIL.
  2. NICK does not have to be your name.
  3. PASSWORD should contain 1 capital letter and contain at least 8 characters.
  4. E-MAIL must be filled and will be sent a verification email to the email to activate your account.

  5. BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER is required because if you get a REWARD, then the prize money will be transferred to your account within a maximum of 3x24-hour workday.
  6. You can include your scanned identity card if you want to be a verified account.


Q: What is the difference between Verified Member and Non-Verified Member? How To Verify ?

A: Verified member is a member who at the time of registration includes scan of identity card. For that does not include a scan of their identity card, every time you want to ask the question must be verified by the forum moderator. Identity that is used must be accountable and VUSLO will keep it confidentially.


Q: How to raise my rank?

A: ranks are determined by how much you are asked and answered. (View All Rank)

  1. Rank for QUEST MASTER:
    1. Private - first joined the VUSLO
    2. Corporal - after making more than 10 quests
    3. Sergeant - after making more than 25 quests
    4. Lieutenant - after making more than 45 quests
    5. Captain - after making more than 70 quests
    6. Major - after making more than 100 quests
    7. Colonel - after making more than 150 quests
    8. General - after making more than 250 quests
    9. Marshall - after making more than 350 quests
  2. Rank for CHALLENGER:
    1. White - Initial rank when you start joining Vuslo.
    2. Yellow -  After successfully solving 3 QUESTs.
    3. Orange - After successfully solving 10 QUESTs.
    4. Green - After successfully solving 25 QUESTs.
    5. Blue - After successfully solving 40 QUESTs.
    6. Red - After successfully solving 60 QUESTs.
    7. Brown - After successfully solving 100 QUESTs.
    8. Black - After successfully solving 150 QUESTs.
    9. Black Gold - After successfully solving 250 QUESTs.


Q: What is the cost required to ask, answer, and provide support?


  1. It costs nothing to create a QUEST.
  2. The minimum cost to SUPPORT the QUEST is determined by the QUEST MASTER.
  3. It costs IDR 5.000 to solve any QUESTs.


Q: How do I create a QUEST?

A: User must first make a deposit in his / her account. After that the user should click on add QUEST icon. Furthermore, the user fills in the description and details of the question. The QUEST MASTER must determine the REWARD for those who could answer the question.


Q: How do I solve a QUEST?

A: All registered user can try to answer the QUEST that available in Vuslo. There will be a restriction to answer only one same question each day.



A: If you already have a registered account in Vuslo, you can provide a support to the QUEST MASTER. The minimum SUPPORT amount is determined by the QUEST MASTER. The SUPPORTER of the QUEST will be able to see the answer once the QUEST is solved.


Q: How do I leave a comment?

A: Only registered user can add comments to existing question. Just click on the comment QUEST icon to give a comment to a QUEST.


Q: Why Vuslo users must register a valid bank account?

A: Users must register with a valid bank account, account’s name, and the name of the bank. After they are able to answer the questions posed by the quest master, the reward (money) will be sent to their bank account.


Q: How do I get a REWARD?

A: To get the REWARD, Vuslo user should try to solve the QUEST exists in Vuslo. The QUEST MASTER and MODERATOR will determine the correct ANSWER. After your answer is validated, the reward will sent to your bank account in maximum 3x24 working hours.


Q: How do I deposit money in Vuslo?

A: Deposit money in Vuslo can be done using many ways.

  1. Transfer to account Vuslo BRI.
  2. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, JCB).
  3. Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard).


Q: What happens when the QUEST MASTER cancel a QUEST?

A: If the QUEST MASTER cancel their previously created QUEST, they will be charged for IDR 10.000 for the duration of the QUEST exist is less than or same with 30 days. If it still exists more than 30 days, the QUEST MASTER will be charged proportionally 50% of the REWARD that they already determined.


Q: How do I redeem my money??

A: You can redeem your cash by clicking REDEEM CASH in PROFILE.


Q: How do I change the description and details in Vuslo?

A: By clicking edit button in your QUEST area.


Q: How do I randomize TOP 4 RANDOM QUESTs?

A: Simply hit refresh or F5 button on your web browser.


Q: How do I find a specific QUEST?

A: Simply click search button at the top right of Vuslo Website.










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