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Q: What is VUSLO?

A: VUSLO is the first (QUEST) scheme site in Indonesia that rewards its user.


Q: What is the difference between VUSLO with other applications that offer similar content?

A: You get cash reward. VUSLO allows you, as the CHALLENGER, to get REWARD in the form of cash if you can deliver what the QUEST MASTER requested. VUSLO presents itself as a realistic and logical solution to what cannot be provided by other site / forum, unlike the free sites / forums, where the information given is not necessarily true.


Q: Why is VUSLO needed?

A: VUSLO answers the last of all QUESTs. VUSLO presents itself as a reliable and logical solution which cannot be provided by other sites / forums.


Q: How was VUSLO created?

A: VUSLO application was created using a licensed platform. Application development for VUSLO was done in the USA by exclusively selected IT vendor, VUSLO application itself is still an ongoing basis, which is developed and supported by the IT vendor.


Q: What are the advantages of using VUSLO?

A: With the real QUEST and REWARD system, all user accounts, including QUEST MASTER, supporter, and CHALLENGER are required to be real.


Q: What is a QUEST?

A: QUEST is a task that must be fulfilled by CHALLENGER in order to get the REWARD provided by the QUEST MASTER. The task's form can consist of:

(i) information,

(ii) goods, or

(iii) some accomplishment.


Q: What is a QUEST MASTER?

A: QUEST MASTER is the party providing REWARD for a QUEST.


Q: Do I, as QUEST MASTER, must give a REWARD to a QUEST that I've created on VUSLO?

A: Yes. Each QUEST must have value because it requires resources, namely time, cost, and effort. VUSLO also believe that human beings should be rewarded for his efforts to solve a QUEST.


Q: How to determine the REWARD amount?

A: The QUEST MASTER will determine the REWARD amount with a minimum of IDR 10.000. No reference or a set formula that can be used to determine the amount of REWARD.


Q: How does VUSLO verification work on incoming answers, so, I as QUEST MASTER, can get accurate answers?

A: VUSLO features special technology to validate each incoming answer by making it easier for QUEST MASTER and panelist moderator to determine an accurate answer on the existing QUEST.


Q: Can a QUEST be canceled after it is created?

A: Yes. QUEST MASTER can cancel the QUEST at any time after it is created. The QUEST MASTER account will be debited IDR 10.000 for each QUEST canceled within 30 days since created. Each QUEST that is canceled after 30 days since created will be charged 50% of the REWARD amount with a minimum fee of IDR 5.000.


Q: What is a CHALLENGER?

A: CHALLENGER is a party that seeks to resolve the QUEST by providing information or goods desired by QUEST MASTER. It costs IDR 5.000 everytime a CHALLENGER try to solve a QUEST.


Q: Does CHALLENGER definitely will get the REWARD?

A: No. Only CHALLENGER who has successfully completed the QUEST can get the REWARD. A QUEST is completed when the QUEST MASTER had validated the answer.


Q: What is a supporter?

A: Supporters are those who support the QUEST MASTER to get what they need by adding REWARD value as specified by the QUEST MASTER.


Q: What are the advantages for being a supporter?

A: Supporters have the right to have or see the answers of a completed QUEST.


Q: Who can provide REWARD?

A: The QUEST MASTER and anyone who become supporters of a QUEST.


Q: How do I give REWARD?

A: VUSLO will debit QUEST MASTER account balance in the amount that was specified. REWARD will be processed automatically to the CHALLENGER account upon successful completion of the QUEST

(after being validated by QUEST MASTER).


Q: How can I increase my account balance on VUSLO to make a QUEST?

A: VUSLO have partnered up with most major debit / credit card provider which allows you to increase you account balance with a credit / debit card with Visa or MasterCard logo.


Q: What if within 6 months, as QUEST MASTER, I did not get an accurate answer? And what happens with the REWARD that I offered?

A: If during 6 months there is no answer that makes QUEST MASTER satisfied, then the question can continue to be on VUSLO as long as the question still get supported from the SUPPORTER. If during 6 months there is no SUPPORTER supporting the question, then the REWARD will be returned to QUEST MASTER.


Q: How long do I, as QUEST MASTER, have to wait before I can get answers to the QUEST I made?

A: Depends on how detailed you give a description of your QUEST, how much REWARD you offer, and also how attractive your QUEST.


Q: How long do I, as CHALLENGER, have to wait before I can get confirmation to whether the answer to the QUEST is right or wrong?

A: CHALLENGER will get the REWARD only if the QUEST MASTER has confirmed the answer submitted by the CHALLENGER. If the answer has satisfied the requirement of the QUEST MASTER, then the REWARD of the QUEST will be transferred immediately to the CHALLENGER account automatically by VUSLO. Notification of verified answer by QUEST MASTER will show up on the CHALLENGER account page and notification email will be sent to CHALLENGER email address that was registered at the time of sign up.


Q: Who are included in the panel moderators?

A: Panelist moderators are people from the VUSLO community who come from a wide variety of background that dedicate their time and effort voluntarily.


Q: How to use VUSLO?

A: To use the full feature of VUSLO application, you need to create an account. Without an account, you can only see the quest without being able to participate in VUSLO as QUEST MASTER, CHALLENGER, or supporter.


Q: How do I leave a comment?

A: Only registered users may comment on a QUEST.


Q: What is the difference between verified users and approved users?

A: Verified users are users who upload their ID card to use to verify their identity. For users who are not verified, an approval by the panel moderator is required whenever user wants to make a QUEST.


Q: Why is there a ranking system for each account?

A: Rank system was applied to each account for both QUEST MASTER and CHALLENGER to create distinction. The higher the ranking of an account means the higher the credibility of the person.


Q: How does the rank system work?

A: VUSLO have a structured algorithm that automatically determines the rank based on the number of user activities making or answering QUEST.


Q: What are the rankings for QUEST MASTER?

A: QUEST MASTER rankings from the bottom to top are as follows:

1. Private - first joined the VUSLO

2. Corporal - after making more than 10 quests

3. Sergeant - after making more than 25 quests

4. Lieutenant - after making more than 45 quests

5. Captain - after making more than 70 quests

6. Major - after making more than 100 quests

7. Colonel - after making more than 150 quests

8. General - after making more than 250 quests

9. Marshall - after making more than 350 quests


Q: What are the rankings for CHALLENGER?

A: CHALLENGER rankings starting from the bottom to top are as follows:

1. White - first joined VUSLO

2. Yellow - after successfully answering 3 quests

3. Orange - after successfully answering 10 quests

4. Green - after successfully answering 25 Quests

5. Blue - after successfully answering 40 quests

6. Red - after successfully answering 60 quests

7. Brown - after successfully answering 100 Quests

8. Black - after successfully answering 150 Quests

9. Black Gold - after successfully answering 250 Quests


Q: How to renew the TOP 4 RANDOM QUESTs?

A: Press the F5 button or the 'refresh' button on your web browser.


Q: How do I find QUEST based on certain criteria?

A: You can use the 'search' button on the top right of the display VUSLO in the web browser.


Q: How do I withdraw money from Vuslo Account?


Redeem < IDR 1.000.000 will be charged IDR 10.000 per transaction.

Redeem IDR 1.000.000 - IDR 10.000.000 will be charged IDR 5.000 per transaction.

Redeem > IDR 10.000.000 is free of charge.











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