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Countless things often crossed our minds, either in the form of an important question without an answer, question about the not yet delivered items, or random things that we want to be done.


Have you ever thought why a lot of those things have not been resolved and we often get pass them inattentively?


Unknowingly, up until now we have not had any media that provides reliable solutions to this problem. Social medias that exist today are not designed to solve that particular problem.


Vuslo is established as a facilitator, which provides solutions to our unanswered questions. Vuslo allows people to get compensated for their help. Vuslo connect all people. Vuslo community gets reliable answer or help for their needs.


Vuslo change the definition of search to QUEST. To get a reliable answer to unanswered questions, a serious search scheme (QUEST) is required, not some typical search in a virtual world where the response cannot be verified.


Vuslo believe that every person are willing to help each other with their effort.. Therefore, Vuslo believe that people should be rewarded for their efforts.


VUSLO is the first QUEST (not search) scheme site in Indonesia that rewards its user.


Vuslo answers the last of all QUESTs.











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